Mike's Golf Instruction Media Archive

Television Appearances:

2010 PGA Championship 1st Round on TNT

2010 PGA Championship 2nd Round on TNT

2010 PGA Championship 3rd Round on TNT

2010 PGA Championship 4th Round on TNT

Magazine Articles:

March 1997GOLF Magazine, Cover story tip
June 1998GOLF Magazine, Plane Talk 2-pager
August 1998GOLF Magazine, Feel of Approval 2-pager
July 1999GOLF Magazine, Angling for Success 2-pager
April 2000GOLF Magazine, Fat-Free Bunker Shots 2-pager
January 2001Senior Golfer Magazine, Need for Speed
February 2001GOLF Magazine, Top 100 Teacher Tip 1-pager
February 2001GOLF Magazine, Cover story tip
April 2001GOLF Magazine, Stroke, Don't Pop 2-pager
June 2002GOLF Magazine, Cover story tip
June 2002Sports Illustrated, The Big Play
February 2003GOLF Magazine, Cover story tip
March 2003Sports Illustrated, The Big Play
April 2003GOLF Magazine, All About Set-up 2-pager
June 2003GOLF Magazine, Cover story: Make Your Swing Repeat
July 2003Sports Illustrated, The Big Play
March 2004Sports Illustrated, The Big Play
May 2004GOLF Magazine, Top 100 Teacher Tip
July 2004GOLF Magazine, Adam Scott swing sequence critique
January 2005PGA Magazine, instruction article
February 2005GOLF Magazine, 3 Musts for Staying Loose 2-pager
December 2005GOLF Magazine, Tall and Lean
April 2006GOLF Magazine, Perfect Impact 2-pager
October 2006GOLF Magazine, Knock it Close
November 2006Korean Golf Digest, Fundamentals of the Set-up
July 2007GOLF Magazine, Cover story: How to Make More Birdies
July 2007Golf Digest, Breaking 100, 90, 80
September 2007PGA Magazine, Teaching Teachers article
March 2008PGA Tour Partners, Wedge Your Way to Lower Scores
August 2009Golf Digest, 50 Tips from 50 Greatest Teachers
December 2009PGA Magazine, Teacher of the Year
February 2010PGA Magazine, Grow Lesson Revenue at Your Faciiity
August 2010GOLF Magazine, How to Groove Solid Impact
December 2010GOLF Magazine, Drill of the Month

Additional Media Appearances:

 8 appearances The Golf Channel instruction shows
 5 appearances XM Radio (with Peter Kessler)
 June 2007 ESPN radio - The Dennis Silvers Show
 July 2006 Mark Wood radio show