Elite Golf Academy

(Grades 8-12)


Mike Bender Elite Golf Academy 2015-2016 Includes the following:

  • Weekly golf instruction from Mike Bender and daily instruction from his staff instructors
  • Daily supervised practice sessions with the coaching staff (Monday through Friday)
  • Unlimited use of the Mike Bender Golf Academy range
  • Membership for the MEGSA Perfect Practice Equipment to speed the training process
  • Twice-weekly fitness sessions
  • Ongoing Mental Conditioning for personal growth, awareness, and tournament preparation
  • MBEGA-logoed Nike apparel package
  • MBEGA-logoed Nike carry bag
  • College placement services
  • Full year membership to Shot-by-Shot statistical tracking
  • Access to TrackMan launch monitors and SAM PuttLab putting stroke analyzer Full Year: $33,000 Semester Rate: $20,000

Note: All tournament fees are additional, expected $2,750 per semester if a full schedule of 10 events is played. Tournament participation is at the discretion of the family and player. Lake Mary Preparatory School Tuition and Room and Board are additional. Laurel Springs School (online school option) requires additional tuition.

Application Process:

There are four types of students in the Elite Academy: 1.) Elite student who boards at University Hall (dorms) and attends Lake Mary Preparatory School 2.) Elite student who attends Lake Mary Preparatory School and lives locally with family 3.) Elite student who attends local high school and lives locally with family 4.) Elite student who attends Laurel Springs School (online) and lives locally with family Elite student who boards at University Hall (dorms of LMP) and attends Lake Mary Preparatory School The application process starts with:

    • Visiting the Mike Bender Golf Academy and attending a day or a few days of practice
    • Submitting a resume of past tournaments (20 tournament rounds preferred) and 2 references (Click here for reference forms)

Once the visit or resume has been reviewed and the online application process has been submitted to Lake Mary Prep, the staff will send a letter of acceptance to those students who have been accepted into the Elite Academy. The family will then receive a contract once finalization of the student’s visa and acceptance into Lake Mary Prep has been completed. The Elite contract is to be submitted two weeks after completion of student visas and enrollment into Lake Mary Prep. Elite student who attends Lake Mary Preparatory School and lives locally with family. The application process starts with:

        • Visiting the Mike Bender Golf Academy and attending a day or a few days of practice
        • Submitting a resume of past tournaments (20 tournament rounds preferred) and 2 references (Click here for reference forms)
        • Once the visit or resume has been reviewed and the online application process has been submitted to Lake Mary Prep, the staff will send a letter of acceptance to those students who have been accepted into the Elite Academy. The family will then receive a contract upon enrollment into Lake Mary Prep. The contract is to be submitted two weeks after enrollment into Lake Mary Prep.

Elite student who attends local high school and lives locally with family The application process starts with:

      • Visiting the Mike Bender Golf Academy and attending a day or a few days of practice
      • Submitting a resume of past tournaments (20 tournament rounds preferred) and 2 references (Click here for reference forms)
      • Once the visit or resume has been reviewed, the staff will send a letter of acceptance to those students who have been accepted into the Elite Academy. The family will then receive a contract that is to be submitted two weeks after receiving the letter of acceptance.Elite student who attends Laurel Springs School (online) and lives locally with family

The application process starts with: Visiting the Mike Bender Golf Academy and attending a day or a few days of practice. Submitting a resume of past tournaments (20 tournament rounds preferred) and 2 references (Click here for reference forms) Once the visit or resume has been reviewed, the staff will send a letter of acceptance to those students who have been accepted into the Elite Academy. The family will then receive a contract that is to be submitted two weeks after receiving the letter of acceptance. Application and enrollment into the Laurel Springs School is coordinated and completed by each individual elite student or family. MBEGA will act as the liaison between the elite student and the Laurel Springs School partnership coordinator. Enrollment into the Laurel Springs School can be done at any time and does not affect enrollment or acceptance into the Elite Program.


“The Academy has changed Santiago as a better person and better golfer, we can’t believe how good he got in just 1 year” –Elite Golfer’s Parents “It is very hard to express all the positive emotions from my wife, myself and our son in just a few short sentences. It was the best decision my wife and I ever made. Our son Michael – 16 years old- participated one year with the Mike Bender Elite program together with Lake Mary Prep. With the high professionalism of Mike and his team he was able to improve his technical golf skills and his mindset in golf that he became one of the better players in all of Austria. Since Michael left he was able to stay in permanent contact with Mike Bender and team and he visits the program as often as possible to keep working together on his golf. It was not easy as parents to leave our only son in a foreign country – far away from home – but we always would do this again together with Mike Bender and his staff.” –Elite Golfer’s Parents Congratulations to Mike Bender for establishing a world-class golf academy for aspiring high performance junior golfers. This unique program provides developing golf athletes with every opportunity to fulfill their potential and realize their dreams. –Henry Brunton


Will Mike Bender teach my child? Yes, this is Mike’s headquarters and works with every student on a weekly basis. Who will coach my child? Mike Bender is the lead instructor for all students and guides all the coaches for the students. Each student will also work with the staff at the Academy in various other areas of expertise. What is a typical day at the Academy? 8.00am-1.30pm: Attend school at Lake Mary Prep including lunch 1.35pm: Pick up from Lake Mary Prep by a MBEGA Staff member 2.00pm-6.00pm: Golf practice and training 6.00pm: Drop off at University Hall Dorms by a MBEGA Staff member 6.30pm: Dinner at University Hall 7.00pm-9.00pm: Study hall 11.00pm: Lights out How do I schedule a visit to the Mike Bender Elite Golf Academy? Please call 407.321.0444 and ask for Head Coach Peter Bakker or email peter@mikebender.com What is the application deadline for the Elite Academy? There is not a deadline date but we only accept 20 applicants a year. We do recommend applying in the early spring to allow enough time to complete the application process at Lake Mary Prep and obtain the proper VISA documents. If more than 20 students apply we will notify the family no later then July 1st if the student is accepted. What are the admission requirements for the Elite Academy? There are 3 requirements: 1.) The student must speak some English. 2.) The student must have played in at least 20 tournament rounds 3.) The student must have a desire to play golf at the next level (collegiate golf, national team or professionally) 4.) If more than 20 students apply then tournament performance, personal recommendations and academic performance will be used in the selection process. What are the admission requirements for Lake Mary Prep? Please contact the Director of Admissions at Lake Mary Prep at 407.805.0095. What are the admission requirements for Laurel Springs School (online)? Please contact Peter Bakker at 407.321.0444 or peter@mikebender.com for contact information for the MBEGA/Laurel Springs School partnership coordinator. Do you use TrackMan? The Elite Academy uses Trackman within its state-of-the-art hitting bay Who issues the I-20 visa? Lake Mary Prep will issue an I-20 visa upon acceptance into school. If I need help with my VISA, whom do I call? Please contact the Director of Admissions at Lake Mary Prep at 407.805.0095. Can a student have a car? Students may have a car if they live outside of University Hall Dorms at Lake Mary Prep. Student’s that wish to ride in cars driven by other students MUST have written permission from their parents prior to riding with another student. What will if my child is sick? For the student that is living at University Hall Dorms at Lake Mary Prep, there is an onsite medical attendant who will arrange additional medical attention if it so requires. What days will the Elite Academy NOT have practice? Practice will be held Monday thru Friday during the school year except for thanksgiving break, Christmas break and spring break. The Academy will be available for use if the student wishes to practice. What is the closest airport? Orlando International Airport (MCO) is approximately 35 minutes from Lake Mary, FL. What are the payment options? Parents are sent a contract after admission into the Elite Academy. The balance is due prior to the first day of golf unless other arrangements are made. What tournaments do students play in? Students play in multiple tours including: AJGA, FCWT, FJT, HJGT and various local tours. Many of these events can be played in Central Florida. If events are to be played outside of Central Florida additional accommodations can be made. What college placement services are available? The students work closely with college counselors and our coaching staff to find potential college options. In addition, it is very common for college coaches to visit the Academy to evaluate talent of players onsite while continuing to adhere to NCAA recruiting provisions. FOR MORE INFORMATION, TO SETUP A TIME TO VISIT OUR ACADEMY, OR TO APPLY, PLEASE CALL 407-321-0444 OR EMAIL INFO@MIKEBENDER.COM


The Mike Bender Elite Golf Academy recognizes the importance of options when it comes to academics matched up to golf training. The Elite Program offers two choices for schooling; a traditional school experience at Lake Mary Preparatory School or a fully online educational experience offered through the Laurel Springs School. Both options offer a fully NCAA compliant curriculum that prepares all elite students for acceptance into any US college or university golf program.

Lake Mary Preparatory School

The Mike Bender Golf Academy has teamed up with Lake Mary Preparatory School to provide high-quality academics in conjunction with a high-quality golf academy. Students who attend the golf academy spend the first part of their day taking core courses in math, history, science and English. Students have the opportunity to take Honors level and Advanced Placement courses in calculus, biology, chemistry, physics, and U.S. government to prepare them for elite colleges. The second half of the day is spent at Mike Bender’s Golf Academy located at the Magnolia Plantation Golf Club. In the evening, the students who board with Lake Mary Prep return to University Hall, a residential dormitory operated by the school. Students have a full list of activities on the weekends, including tournament play (additional cost). Please visit the elite boarding page of the website for more information.

The LMP Difference

Walk through the halls of Lake Mary Preparatory School, and you will instantly feelthe energy and excitement of learning and the feeling of community.

  • Ask any child about our school and chances are, the reply will be, “It’s fun!” Our students are eager and focused because our teachers’ passion for knowledge and thought is contagious.
  • LMP encourages questions, rewards curiosity and promotes the free exchange of ideas.
  • We develop the whole child by offering a full array of activities that engage and motivate students:
    • Advanced academics
    • Arts
    • Physical education and competitive athletics
    • Extracurricular activities
    • Community service opportunities
  • We ignite the full potential of every child. When students believe a teacher is working on their behalf, they make remarkable progress. In fact, students often tell us their teachers are like extra parents.
  • The feeling of a family extends to our entire student body. With children from more than 40 countries, LMP offers a welcoming environment where cross-cultural friendships are the norm and new students are greeted warmly.
  • Our affiliation with the Meritas Family of Schools provides teachers with proven educational best practices and opens up a range of opportunities for our students.

Lake Mary Preparatory School At-a-Glance

Location: Lake Mary, FL Grades: PreK3-12 Mission: To serve our students in an environment that encourages them to think, act and lead as respectful and ethical global citizens. Vision: Lake Mary Preparatory School strives to be a global leader in education, known for: a culture of continuous improvement, growth, and collaboration among students and faculty, a thought provoking challenging curriculum, a global minded and engaged student body, and acceptance into our student’s top choice universities. Founded: 1999 Enrollment: 280 (Grades 9-12) Accreditation: Florida Kindergarten Council (FKC) Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS) School Leadership: Mr. Glenn Chapin Headmaster Telephone Number: 407-805-0095 Email Address: admissions@lakemaryprep.com School Address: 650 Rantoul Lane Lake Mary, Florida 32746

Laurel Springs School (online)

The Mike Bender Golf Academy is excited to announce our new partnership with Laurel Springs School, a fully accredited, private online school for students K-12. Founded in 1991, Laurel Springs School offers challenging and flexible programs for students of all ages. With college prep academics, this school has a 91% college acceptance rate. Laurel Spring’s graduates enter the most selective colleges and universities of their choice in the U.S and throughout the world. Please click here to view a sample of Laurel Springs School college acceptance list. Laurel Spring’s education program is designed for the college prep student who wishes to grow and excel academically and personally, while maintaining a schedule which provides the elite junior athlete with the flexibility to adequately train and compete at the highest levels in their desired sport. Laurel Springs offers more than 240 courses, including Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors options. The majority of our high school courses have been approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the University of California (UC). NCAA approved courses are an important factor when evaluating online high schools for athletes. Most college athletic programs are regulated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, an organization with rules and regulations on eligibility, recruiting, and financial aid. Colleges and universities are members of a division according to the size and scope of their athletic programs. Laurel Springs can help with academic planning with students who wish to pursue athletics at Division I or II colleges, as most of our courses are NCAA approved. Not all online high schools have NCAA approved courses, due to high academic expectations associated with NCAA approval. Laurel Springs has a variety of resources to educate students about NCAA procedures. Our school counseling department has NCAA specialists on staff to help answer questions about the eligibility process. Laurel Springs teacehrs possess exceptional credentials, strong subject area expertise, and a passion for teaching. Additionally, Laurel Springs teachers are well-versed in 21st century communication skills and computer competency. At the core, all Laurel Springs teachers embody the understanding of teaching as a collaborative process, rather than just the delivery of instruction and assessment of student work. Beginning in the 7th grade, Laurel Springs offers its students and families the opportunity to collaborate and make friends within a secure social network environment. Within this private social network, students may:

  • Participate in online clubs and find new friends
  • Pair up with study buddies
  • Post blog updates regarding their portfolio coursework and share their creative expressions

This private social network is wonderful way for students to form lasting friendships based on mutual inspiration and respect that span state and national boundaries. Students share their thoughts, feelings, and creativity through blogs, forums, and discussion threads. The social network is a valuable tool that creates empathy, compassion, and understanding, as well as promoting academic collaboration. Laurel Springs School is a valued partner of over 100 elite junior sports academies across the United States and internationally. Having the unique ability to deliver a strong, challenging curriculum yet also provide the elite junior athlete with the flexibility needed to excel in their sport of choice is why the most reputable sports academies in the country select Laurel Springs School as their online education partner. For more information visit LaurelSprings.com

World-Class Coaching, Limited Class Size and Unique Training Methods Make our Prep Academy a Home of Future Champions.

The Mike Bender Elite Golf Academy is designed from top to bottom to deliver a complete training experience in an intimate setting under the on-site guidance of one of the most accomplished teachers in the world. If you are a young golfer dedicated to reaching your full competitive potential at the collegiate and professional ranks, this is the ideal program for you. Located in the Orlando suburb of Lake Mary, Florida – recently ranked by Money Magazine as one of the Top Five Best Places to Live in the United States – the training center has been developed by world-renowned instructor Mike Bender and is operated in conjunction with the Lake Mary Preparatory School located less than five miles from the golf academy. Since opening in 1991, Bender has coached more than 90 juniors to earning college golf scholarships.

For Elite Academy participants they will work with Mike on a weekly basis throughout the entire school year as he is on site more than 200 days per year. Besides the fact that at this academy students will be under the guidance of the teacher who’s name is on the door, our students will receive personalized attention every single day from our outstanding veteran coaching staff as we have a limit of only 25 students in the program. A former PGA Tour player, Bender is ranked among the Top Five Best Teachers in America by Golf Digest Magazine and is the 2009 PGA of America National Teacher of the Year. He coaches many of the game’s top professionals including 2007 Masters champion Zach Johnson; multiple LPGA champion Seon Hwa-Lee; two-time U.S. Open Champion Lee Janzen; and PGA Tour winners Robert Damron and Jonathan Byrd. Bender also coaches many of the top junior players from Florida and across the United States. One ofhis 14-year-old students, Shun Yat (Jason) Hak, qualified for the Hong Kong Open in 2008 and made the cut, breaking Sergio Garcia’s record as the youngest to make a cut in a major men’s professional tour event. He returned in 2009 and made the cut again. Shun Yat, who recently graduated from Lake Mary Prep, became the #1 ranked junior in the United States in 2011.

The Mike Bender Golf Academy Headquarters is also home to the #1 ranked junior girl and the #2 ranked junior boy, who won the 2014 AJGA Jr. Puerto Rico Open and went on to play in a PGA Tour event due to his outstanding performance earlier this year. Mike teaches his Elite Academy students the same way he teaches winners of the game’s biggest championships. This is an intensive program designed to develop all the skills necessary for success at the collegiate or professional level. It includes proprietary training methods such as the MEGSA Perfect Practice Equipment and a unique speed training system that no other academy can offer at this time. Our academy also has two state-of-the-art TrackMan launch monitors and the SAM Putt stroke analyzer technologies to provide the most complete and accurate swing data available today. Training will take place at Magnolia Plantation Golf Club in Lake Mary. The setting offers our students an unparalleled training experience and is the headquarters where Mike Bender teaches year around. If you are dedicated to your goals and ready to take your game to a much higher level, focus your ambition at the Mike Bender Elite Golf Academy and the Lake Mary Preparatory School. It’s an unparalleled combination.

Mike's Training Philosophy

Every day we strive to create the optimal learning and training environment for junior golfers to reach their full potential. The training center’s students are immersed in an atmosphere where everything from the game’s basic fundamentals to the little-known subtle keys to success are incorporated into each day.   At our academy, we combine Mike Bender’s major-championship winning MEGSA swing method with a comprehensive plan to maximize each student’s tournament preparation, practice techniques, physical conditioning and game management skills. Our elite training program also emphasizes the proper mental approach to a successful career in golf. Scientific research shows that it takes a minimum of eight to 12 years of training for an athlete to reach the elite levels of his or her sport. Unfortunately, too many coaches approach training with an attitude best characterized as the “win early and win often” approach. Mike and his dedicated staff’s commitment is to long-term athletic development incorporating all aspects of training, development and management, which is the only reliable route to long-term elite status. A specific and well-planned training regime will ensure optimum development and control the stress recovery cycle that leads to over-training and burnout. Ultimately, success is tied to training and performing well in the long-term, rather than winning in the short-term. There are no shortcuts to success in athletic preparation. Rushing development almost always results in shortcomings in physical, technical and tactical abilities. The uniqueness of our program can be defined in our periodization approach to every critical training element. Developing confident student-athletes, who strive to improve and love to compete, is the essence and core competency of the academy. Here are some of the areas we concentrate on with all of our students.

High-tech Swing Analysis

Our instructors utilize a video analysis system that allows the teacher to film a student’s swing and digitize it onto a computer. With the aid of proprietary software, our instructors can analyze and identify even subtle faults and illustrate them to each student. Each session is taped and available to the student for future reference and to demonstrate tangible progress. Our academy also has access to two state-of-the-art TrackMan launch monitor and a SAM Putt stroke analyzer to provide the most accurate swing data available anywhere. These technologies are used by dozens of players on the PGA and LPGA Tours every single week. Daily coaching plans are available for students and parents to observe with use of the online platform called Edufii. This allows the parents to see daily practice plans and allows the students to take ownership of their own practice by recording results and observations of the practice sessions.

Drills and Practice Technique

To achieve long-term athletic development, practice sessions are conducted every day. This consistent approach enables students to achieve a greater grasp of the swing’s finer points that require significant time to master. To achieve consistency and maximum power, our instructors prescribe corrective drills tailored to each student’s individual needs.   Additionally, students refine their skills using the MEGSA Perfect Practice Equipment developed by Bender to fine-tune their technical skills. High quality practice is more valuable than high volume practice. We don’t want to have our students practice longer to improve, rather we give them unique tools to practice more effectively to achieve the desired result sooner.

Course Management

It takes more than the correct technique to become a champion golfer. It includes mastering the art of managing oneself and the golf course. Our coaches have all played the game at the professional level and understand what is necessary to compete at the highest levels. To this end, a significant amount of each student’s time is spent training and competing on the golf course under various conditions under the watchful eyes of our elite coaching staff. By playing often, students have the opportunity to apply what they have learned on the practice tee and in class. Comprehensive statistics are recorded and each round is discussed and analyzed with one of our instructors.

Fitness Training and Nutrition

Sports-specific training is essential to the success of any athlete. Having understood the need for strength and fitness in the elite levels of professional golf, our academy has retained fitness professionals and have specialized weight-training equipment on site to develop and implement golf-specific fitness plans for all students. Our academy also offer the first of its kind Speed Training Course designed to increase clubhead speed in our students. The program was designed by our very own Scott Sheppard and is a big competitive advantage for our students. By applying a tailored approach based on each athlete’s individual needs and goals we can enhance strengths and address weaknesses to truly maximize the time investment in all of these areas: Mobility/Flexibility, Core Posture, Movement, Strength and Power and Energy System Development. In conjunction with our academy dietitian, students learn the habits of proper nutrition on and off the course.

Accurate Assessments are Critical to Maximizing Improvement and We Use the Best Assessment Tools Available

All Mike Bender Elite Golf Academy students are taken through a comprehensive skills assessment and evaluation in order for our coaches to put them on a practice regiment that will focus directly on any critical weaknesses. This evaluation also helps our coaches establish carefully-crafted performance goals for each student three to five times each year to track improvement. Our evaluations include:

Tucker Short Game Test

This test includes 100 short game shots including putting, chipping, pitching, bunkers, trouble shots and wedges. Each element of the short game will be scored and converted to a relative handicap which will then be computed with all the other areas in order to come up with an overall short game handicap for each student. This test is given three times during the school year to track improvement. Our research shows that in order to be a standout high school player ones short game handicap should be 0 or better and to be on the PGA Tour the short game handicap needs to be +4 or better.

SAM PuttLab

The SAM PuttLab is the state of the art computer analysis for the putting stroke. The feedback it provides allows our coaches to make sure that students are practicing the proper way to groove the best stroke possible and that they have the correct putter design to match their stroke tendencies. The SAM PuttLab sessions are done a minimum of two times during the school year.

TrackMan Launch Monitor

Each student is put on our TrackMan launch monitor first and foremost to make sure that their clubs are correctly fit for them and also to track their progress in improving their shot quality. The TrackMan is the number one launch monitor in the world and used by every major manufacturer of golf equipment for their internal testing. Its capabilities are numerous including helping us check the distance gaps between each club in the student’s set and to evaluate numerous technical data from impact that will help us speed the learning process.

V-1 Swing Analysis Software

We use the V-1 software to analyze each student’s full-swing mechanics. This is the most widely used software and each student’s first swings will be stored for comparison to provide before and after comparisons of their individual progress (to see more click here). Each student is videotaped on a regular basis and these swing critiques are posted to each student’s individual internet locker where they can be reviewed by the student or their parents at any time.

Mental Golf Profiler

Each student will complete an online Mental Golf Profile that will be both beneficial for instructor and student. This profile is very effective at identifying the individual’s specific learning style along with revealing probable mental strengths and weaknesses when competing on the course. This is done on an annual basis.

Shot By Shot On-Course Statistical Analysis

Statistical information is at the core of each student’s improvement. It has been said that golf stats do not lie and we believe very strongly that in order to help each student to reach his or her full potential we need to closely monitor their stats. Just as the PGA Tour keeps detailed stats on every player it has been the standard measurement of how good a player is. The Shot By Shot program is an online statistical database service that allows each player to keep running totals of each stat category and then compare their performance to golfers at every handicap level. Shot By Shots’ database of more than 100,000 rounds from golfers at all levels – including the PGA Tour – creates these comparisons. These stats are carefully monitored by our staff and are the basis for whether or not the student is reaching his or her performance goals. This is done after each tournament.

TPI Fitness Evaluation

Fitness is extremely important for injury prevention as well as overall game improvement. Our fitness instructor is Scott Shepard and he has the Tour-proven credentials, training and experience to help each student improve their strength, flexibility and clubhead speed. The Titleist Performance Institute has developed a very good fitness assessment that Scott uses to establish the type of individual program needed to improve each student’s physical performance. This is done on a regular basis during workouts supervised by Scott.

Ball Striking Test

Each student will be asked to perform a series of standard golf shots and scored on their ability to hit each shot on command. This subjective evaluation is excellent in seeing how consistently students can recreate various shots: both standard and trouble shots. This evaluation is preformed monthly. Once all assessments have been completed, the coaches and the student revise the individual’s training regimen to better help each individual reach their performance goals.

Wedge Range Record

Great wedge players know exactly how far their ball flies. The Wedge Range was originally engineered to help Zach Johnson improve his efficiency with his wedges. The Wedge Range is setup with 4ft x 4ft cement blocks at yardages 30 to 100 yards in 10-yard increments. A student receives 100 balls for a record attempt. Starting at the 30-yard block the student hits balls to the target until they land a ball on the target. The student then proceeds to the 40-yard block. The student will either run out of balls or run out of blocks. If the student runs out of balls they record the last block they hit as their record. If the student runs out of blocks they record the number of balls it took to hit all 8 blocks.

Short Term Elite Program

Short-Term Elite Program

  • We will customize a short term program from 1 week, 2 weeks or 4 weeks
  • These short term programs are designed to come and train like an ELITE Golfer and taste the experience first hand.
  • Boarding and non-boarding options are available.
  • Some students use these programs as a way of preparing for a tournament or utilizing our coaches to give input of what they observed during the event first hand.
  • Our Customized programs can include 3 hours of Post Grade training in the morning and then Join the Elite program in the afternoon during school term or design a full day or half day program during any vacation times.
Please contact Peter Bakker to schedule available dates
Email: peter@mikebender.com    Cell: (207)318-4379 

College Scholarships Awarded to MBGA Juniors (To Date)

The proof is in the scholarships. So far, more than 100 of our Mike Bender Golf Academy students have earned college golf scholarships at the following schools:

Scholarships Given
  • Augusta State

  • University of Dayton

  • Belmont

  • Brevard Junior College

  • Bucknell University

  • Chapman University (California)

  • Coker College

  • Columbia

  • Daytona State

  • Flagler

  • Florida Gulf Coast University

  • Furman

  • Georgia Tech

  • Hofstra

  • Johnson and Wales

  • Mississippi State

  • NC State

  • Rice University

  • Seminole State

  • St Mary’s (California)

  • Stanislaus State (California)

  • Stetson University

  • Towson University

  • University of Alabama

  • University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • University of Central Florida

  • University of Georgia

  • University of Houston

  • University of North Carolina

  • University of Louisville

  • University of Michigan

  • University of Nevada Las Vegas

  • University of New Mexico

  • University of North Florida

  • University of South Alabama

  • University of South Florida

  • University of Virginia

  • William and Mary