Frequently Asked Questions

What is Get Golf Ready?

Get Golf Ready is a beginners introductory golf program developed by the PGA.

Should I take Get Golf Ready One if I've all ready have experience playing golf?

Yes, while it is a class for beginners, Get Golf Ready 2 builds on the principles of Get Golf Ready One. If you haven't taken the first one you may have difficulty in Two.

What is the difference between Get Golf Ready One and Two?

Get Golf Ready Two builds on the principles learned in Get Golf Ready One. New drills and practice routines are introduced. Full Swing instruction is more personalized.

Do I need my own clubs?

If you have access to clubs, great. If not you can use some of ours while you take the class.

How much do new clubs cost?

New clubs can cost anywhere from $300 to $3,000 dollars. It is best to talk with our staff of instructors before buying your first set.

Are the clubs that come in a box good for beginners?

Some of them are and some are not. You don't want to buy equipment that isn't good for you. This can affect your ability to hit the ball and your enjoyment of the game. In some instances it is better to buy a used set instead of a cheaper new set.

What do I do after the Get Golf Ready class ends?

After Get Golf Ready I, we recommend that you practice what you learned and then sign up for Get Golf Ready II. After completing Level II you are ready to begin taking private lessons.