Short Game Schools

Most golfers waste more strokes within 100 yards of the hole than anywhere else. If you really want to lower your scores, the best place to start is one of our comprehensive short game schools taught by Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher and Mike Bender Golf Academy Director of Instruction, Cheryl Anderson. These sessions cover chipping, green side pitch shots, distance wedge shots, sand play, putting technique and green reading skills. Cheryl will clearly and concisely explain the necessary technique for success in each of these critical scoring areas along with the best training methods to keep you improving after the school ends. 

*All skill levels are welcome.*

Class Duration: 3 Hours

Cost: $300.00


- NOVEMBER 15th 9AM-12PM
- DECEMBER 28th 1-4PM

To register call 407.321.0444 today! Space is limited!