What People Are Saying


U R AWESOME! My game is back. I have recommended you to everybody here at Redtail. ​Our club and senior championships are this weekend and I was going to withdraw. Since day 1 of your lesson everything improved and today my score was below my handicap. I can't make the open house Friday; I got talked into a grudge match. Next time you have something like that let me know. Love the facility you guys have there. Murray and Mark Watson were right. You are absolutely the best golf instructor I have met. Thanks again. By the way, I watch the videos once a day and do the wall drill every morning. 

Al Feldman


Hi Cheryl
I just wanted to thank you for being a great coach!! 
Aidan has been improving a lot on his game and we are very proud of him.
He was shooting in the 60's and now is shooting in the 50-40's and it is due to your great coaching and him puting more time at practicing his drills.
Please also let John Weir that his mental game has also improved we have been working at his attitude while playing and it has improved.
Thanks again for all your dedication at making his game better!!
Christina & Soc

I just returned from Orlando and wanted to thank you for recommending Cheryl and the Mike Bender Golf Academy. The two-day private golf school was Awesome! Cheryl is a wonderful teacher, even for a non-athlete like myself. I am so excited to continue practicing the skills I learned at the Academy. You have helped me with the start of a 'Bucket List' completion.


Hi Cheryl,
Can't tell you how much we enjoyed working with you! We learned so much, and you were able to communicate everything in such a clear and concise manner that really resonated with each of us. I walked 9 yesterday afternoon and shot a 43--my best score in years! We're all very excited about the coming golf season. Can't wait to see how much more I improve with continuing to apply all the lessons you taught us. We are looking forward to working with you again next year! 


Hey Dan, 

We had a great time with you and really appreciate the immediate feedback and take-home drills you gave us to work on. It was an enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable experience which we would both do again in a heartbeat!! Hope to see you next year, there may be more of us!! 

All the best!! Cheers, 
PA and Dave

Hey Matt!

First of all I want to thank you so much for the lesson we had Friday, April 22nd. I wanted to let you know that you're a remarkable instructor and are extremely good at what you do. You gave me the best 8 hrs of golf knowledge, instruction, and enjoyment than I've ever had. So whatever your goals/ambitions are regarding golf instruction, you certainly fulfilled it with me.

Kevin Johnson

Hi Mike,

Just wanted to thank you once again for a great morning of practice/lesson time this past week. I finally feel like I have a long-term improvement plan and blueprint to become more consistent. Although the weather has been very poor this winter in WI (isn't it always), I've already been diligently working on your suggested changes with good success at the indoor-to-outdoor heated driving range.

The set-up and backswing changes have been fairly easy, but the downswing will take some time to implement. When I perform the downswing correctly, I hit very solid true draws that start slightly right of my target (aim pole). You provided some great drills and feelings for the entire swing, but especially the downswing. Right shoulder down, left shoulder up with the sensation of my shoulders being closed to the target line at impact produces great shots, especially from a deeper backswing.

I will continue to work on the changes and send you a video to review in the next 1-2 months after I feel I am making consistent progress. I will most definitely be returning to Lake Mary for some follow-up in person lessons in the near future as well.

Just wanted to commend you on your professionalism, knowledge, communication skills and genuine interest in helping me improve my golf game. Keep up the tremendous work Mike. You're a great asset to the golfing community.

Best Regards,
Bill Endicott, DDS

The Mike Bender Golf Academy Junior Champs Program has been a superior high quality program which provides a caring and supportive atmosphere. They specialize in individual attention to succeed and reach your goals and emphasizing practice with a purpose. --Bridget Esposito

My experience with Matt and Cheryl was exceptional and I am confident that the results will be significant. You guys run an excellent academy there and I look forward to coming back for refreshers throughout the year. --Mark Metaxas

Cheryl, thank you so much for all your attention and help while we were at the academy. I feel like I got a lot of information and tips for my game to bring home. Some of it seemed overwhelming to grasp in such a short time, but with time and practice I will definitely improve. The set up is starting to become automatic, which is a big improvement right there. You also showed me that I can hit my driver and 4hybrid as well as using the wedges on shots I normally wouldn't have. Your practice plan looks very complete and touches on all the shots we worked on. Hopefully the weather up here will warm up in a few weeks and we can start getting outside to work on it. (They are predicting 8-12 inches of snow tonight into tomorrow. Ugh!!!!) I have all the info and now it is a matter of practicing it. I know that Cheri will help with any questions that come up. We were very impressed with the academy. It is a great facility and everyone there was awesome. They couldn't have been more welcoming or helpful, so please thank them for me. Once again, Cheryl, thank you for everything. I am so glad that I came. --Nancy McLaughlin

I went to see Mike in Florida! What a great guy! I was there for 8 hours straight over 2 days ... It was the best two days of my life! -Anonymous

"The Mike Bender Golf Academy Junior Champions/Young Guns Program is without a doubt the best long-term golf advancement training program you can participate in. The well thought out and designed weekly practice agenda really helps the player understand what they are doing. There is a natural progression at all skill levels. The coaches are knowledgeable and focused on improvement with every student. They know how to engage every type of personality and most of all analyze each player and develop and individual plan for success. Ainsley, our daughter, has attended the academy for two years and loves every minute she spends there. We highly recommend that you too consider giving your child the best possible chance to enjoy and learn the game of golf at the Mike Bender Golf Academy." - Greg Mann, parent of Junior Champion/Young Guns participant

Dear Mike and Ben, 
We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you both for operating a camp with such an effective curriculum. We are confident that our son's game has improved within the 2 weeks of concentrated instruction. Your emphasis on technique has had a positive impact that we are already able to see. Our son is having a great time, and as parents, we are very pleased that we enrolled him for this camp. 
You have been remarkable teachers and we would like to take the opportunity to thank you for providing such a great summer camp with such a friendly learning atmosphere. - Venu & Shailaja, parents of Elite Junior Summer Camp attendee 


Thanks for getting back to me with the online lesson. I learned more about my swing in that one clip than I have in the hours of lessons I have taken up here this year! Thank you for your input!

- Lane Feinstein

Would you please let Mr. Bender know that his tip in October 2014 Golf Magazine is the best tip I have ever seen. I knew immediately when I read it that I was a "palmer" and I don't mean Arnold or Ryan. I didn't even bother going to the range -- tried his tip yesterday on the golf course and spent the whole round wearing out the center of the fairway and taking dead aim at flags. I picked up maybe 5 yards distance through the bag but being in the short grass all day was much more important than the yardage gain. - Bob Stigger
Hi Mike:
Hope all is well and you are prepped and ready for the next three days of activities.  Wish I could attend.  Have a mini tour player in town today through Thursday.
Just watched your video of Zach/Trackman/Physics.  Nothing I have not seen before from you but wanted to thank you for spending the time to do this and post it to YouTube.  If younger Instructors would only take away the simplistic issues you present such as good set up each time using technology, simple physics you should not fight, and not trying to reinvent the wheel as much as you should spend time learning it, maybe we and the golf instruction industry would be in a better place.  Great job with the video!
 - John

Hi Mike,

Thanks very much for your help over the past two years developing Bren's swing and straightening out his drives!. 
Without your coaching and mentoring, Brennan wouldn't have been sitting at the table signing his national letter of intent today!

Keep up the great work and know that you have a customer for life! --Ron Bogdanovich, Parent

Mr. Bender,

I wanted to send a personal note and say thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak to us and with us and our Iowa Section Coaching Summit. I have attended many of these over the past few years and you stood out over all of them. The ideas and concepts you teach and pass on make me want to continue to do what I do.  --Michael Scott, PGA Head Golf Professional at Crow Valley Golf Club


Now that I have gotten five rounds in with my new clubs, I wanted to give you some feedback on what I think of them. In short, they are fantastic and I am extremely pleased and impressed! 

These are the first non-forged irons I have ever owned and these don't feel any different. They feel and sound soft but you can easily tell the ball comes off the face much faster. I have always liked a thin profile like the pro-combos and my perception was that it would be harder to get a club that didn't have that thin leading edge and sole to cut into the turf, but that has not been the case with these. I also like the very balanced feel and now my old VRS Pro-Combos actually feel like a "club" with all the weight at the end. 

With this head and shaft combo, my swing feels more comfortable because I don't feel like I am having to work as hard to get the ball to the green. I have picked up about 5 yards so far! 

The more I play them, the better I like them. You did a great fitting!! 
Thanks again! -- Jeff Ricks
Dear Mike,
I just finished Golf’s 8 Second Secret and just wanted to tell you what a fantastic book it is! 

I was thrilled when I discovered your book. It is filled with so much relevant information. I am in the process of implementing the 3 phases. I have only been able to work on this at the indoor hitting loft at my club (due to the weather) but am very pleased with the progress thus far. The result is a much freer / instinctive swing…can’t wait to take it to the course. So much less stress over the ball. It feels great to not start my swing from a static position.
I’ve taken many lessons over the years and find it hard to believe this has never been taught. To someone like me, this is as important as any swing mechanic tip.
From one very pleased customer!
Best regards,