Young Guns Program (Ages 10-12)

Junior Champions "Young Guns" Program for Ages 10-12

The Young Guns Program Includes:
  • Bi-weekly 30-minute individual private lesson (Nov. - May)
  • Bi-Weekly 90-minute supervised practice with one of our staff professionals. (Nov. - May)
  • One-year subscription to Shot By Shot statistical tracking program
  • One comprehensive short-game skills evaluations
  • Four on-course management lessons
  • 10% discount on all additional services purchased at the academy while enrolled in the Young Guns program.
  • Special academy facility membership pricing exclusively for Young Guns
  • MBGA hat and MBGA shirt

The Program Details

Bi-Weekly 30-minute Individual Private Lesson

The program includes a 30-minute lesson every other week with each participant's preferred MBGA instructor for a total of 1 hour each calendar month. Lessons can be combined i.e. a one-hour lesson every month.

Bi-Weekly 90-minute Supervised Practice Session

Each week our instructors will host a supervised practice session where they will work with each player to make sure they are working on their assigned drills and using the best possible practice techniques to speed improvement. Young Guns participants will be able to attend 2 sessions, of their choice, per month.

Four On-Course Management Lessons

Each month participants will have the opportunity to go on the golf course with one of our staff instructors for a two-hour, on-course strategy lesson. Young Guns participants will be able to attend 4 On-Course Management lessons, of their choice, between November through May. 

ShotByShot Statistical Analysis

ShotByShot is a total game analysis program that accurately evaluates your golf game and does so in a unique way. The pros refer to their stats all of the time to evaluate how their games stack up compared to other players at their level. Shot By Shot’s online program measures the strengths and weakness of your game and then compares them to your target handicap. This insightful analysis is very helpful in directing our focus and your practice time. Shot By Shot is the Performance Analysis Partner to Golf Digest.

One Comprehensive Short Game Evaluation

This short game test is given to both analyze each player’s short game condition and to help motivate them towards improvement. Through many years of research we know how players at every level should score on this test in order to perform well in tournaments. This test also helps our instructors prioritize each participant’s short game practice.

MBGA Merchandise

Participants will receive MBGA-logoed merchandise.

  • Complete Program cost is $2,530 if bi-weekly private lessons taken with Mike Bender ($360 per month November - May)
  • Complete Program cost is $2,180 if bi-weekly private lessons taken with Cheryl Anderson ($310 per month November - May)
  • Complete Program cost is $2,030 if bi-weekly private lessons taken with Matt Wilkes ($290 per month November - May)

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What People Are Saying About Our Young Guns Program

"The Mike Bender Golf Academy Junior Champions/Young Guns Program is without a doubt the best long-term golf advancement training program you can participate in. The well thought out and designed weekly practice agenda really helps the player understand what they are doing. There is a natural progression at all skill levels. The coaches are knowledgeable and focused on improvement with every student. They know how to engage every type of personality and most of all analyze each player and develop and individual plan for success. Ainsley, our daughter, has attended the academy for two years and loves every minute she spends there. We highly recommend that you too consider giving your child the best possible chance to enjoy and learn the game of golf at the Mike Bender Golf Academy." 
- Greg Mann, parent of Junior Champion/Young Guns participant
The Mike Bender Golf Academy’s Junior Champs/Young Guns program offers an incredibly unique learning environment for motivated and talent junior golfers.  The program provides an opportunity for passionate junior golfers to practice alongside each other during group sessions, while also enjoying one-on-one private instruction from one of the Academy’s world-class instructors.   
The instructors at the Mike Bender Golf Academy each have the ability to sequentially and strategically work with each individual junior golfer to elevate their game and get the most out of their individual talent.  They have a wealth of experience in developing top junior golfers and have been recognized nationally for their success.
My son participated in the Junior Champs/Young Guns program for the first time last year and his development was accelerated dramatically because of the time he spent participating within this program.  If you are looking for a learning environment that maximizes your child’s talents, and your son or daughter is passionate about the game of golf, and is willing to practice hard to achieve success you will not find a better place to accomplish this than the Academy’s Junior Champs/Young Guns program.
-Don Stewart