US Kids Program

(Ages 5-11)

Using our proven teaching methods and US Kids Golf’s innovative and incentivized learning program, we have developed the perfect platform to introduce your junior golfer to the sport of a lifetime.

Each level of progression is tracked with a learning booklet, providing a simple and fun way for parents, juniors and coaches to monitor each child’s improvement.

Curriculum Highlights:

  • Small Group Classes – 5:1 Student/Coach Ratio
  • Each Child Receives a Learning Booklet, Bag Tag, and Golf Hat!
  • Learning is Rewarded with Progress Pins
  • Pins are Awarded for Putting, Around the Green, Full Swing, Golf Knowledge, and Scoring
  • Coach Chris Holmes (Member, British PGA) has been Awarded the Highest Coaching Recognition Possible by US Kids Golf – A Master Coach (Top 50 in the Country)

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5 – 6 age group –  beginning March 10th @ 4:00pm & March 14th @ 9:00am
7-8 age group – beginning March 10th @ 5:00pm & March 14th @ 10:00am
9-11 age group beginning March 11th @ 5:00pm & March 12th @ 5:00pm