John Weir

Mental Coach, Mike Bender Golf Academy

​John Weir is the founder of the Mental Golf Academy based in Lake Mary, Florida and is the mental performance coach to elite junior, collegiate, and professional golfers from around the world. John is the developer of the Mental Golf Type® system, the author of Golfer’s Guide to Mental Fitness, and the creator of The Mental Caddie subconscious conditioning program.

John started working with the Mike Bender Golf Academy at the end of 2014.  Since then he has been the mental coach for the MBGA Elite Program, the Junior Champions Program, and many of the individual students at the academy.  In addition to his work with individual players, John has also achieved success working with collegiate golf teams. During his first two seasons working as the mental coach with Seminole State College Women’s Golf Team, the team won their first NJCAA National Championship in 2015 and was runner-up in 2016. In his first year working with Concordia University Men’s Golf Team, the team won their first American     Southwest Conference Championship in 2016 and the team made their first appearance in the D3  National Championships.

Throughout the years, John’s work has been featured in many media forums including TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers. Some notable features include ESPN Radio, FOX Sports, and Golf Talk Live. John had a feature article in Golfer Mag (a Scottish publication) as well as a   contributor to a mental game article in the Golf Magazine October 2014 issue. John was a speaker for the Proponent Group at the 2016 PGA Trade Show and a keynote speaker at the 2015 San Diego Golf Fest. Most recently, John’s “Stoplight” pre-shot routine concept was     presented on Golf Channel Academy by MBGA instructor Cheryl Anderson.

For the last sixteen years, John has been helping his clients take control of their minds to achieve personal breakthroughs utilizing the most effective applied psychology and mental    fitness tools.  John’s diverse educational background includes: psychology alumnus from Point Park University, NLP Master Practitioner, Board Certified Hypnotist/Instructor through the       National Guild of Hypnotists, and Mental Fitness Coach. His Mental Fitness Golf Certification Course has been offered to mental coaches and hypnotists from over 60 countries. John is a recognized authority in the hypnosis profession and the recipient of numerous awards including the Ormond McGill Award for faculty member of the year as well as being the youngest person in the NGH’s 65 year history to be inducted into their Order of Braid – the highest honor given for lifetime achievement.



I have been working with John Weir for about a year now and I have seen a marked improvement in my mental game and confidence on the course.  I came off of a tough LPGA Tour season in 2015 and started working with John almost right after.  Going into this season on the Symetra Tour, I had a clear mind and I felt very confident about my game.  I am not able to work with John much in person because of my travel schedule, but he is always available via call or text to chat for a few minutes, or longer if need be.  This is something that means a lot to me since I am on the road so much.  I can attest that John is very passionate about both helping golfers improve their games and helping people lead positive lives.  I have enjoyed working with and learned a tremendous amount from John Weir over the last year, and I am happy to say that he helped me accomplish my #1 goal for 2016 which was to get back to the LPGA for the 2017 season!
Marissa Steen – LPGA Tour Player
During our sessions, John and I have been working on developing my routine, maintaining positive mental self-talk, and how to mentally attack the golf course. What I love about John’s method in working with golfers is that he does not tell everyone to do the same thing. He works with each player as an individual, based on their own personality, and teaches you how to be the best of yourself. After working with John, playing competitive golf has become much easier because I am just more relaxed on the course. Hitting good shots and bad shots has become normal and my approach doesn’t change after either. I just focus on my routine, follow the steps, see my target, and hit it there. The things I have been working on with both John and Mike have really prepared me for all situations in competitive golf.
Jason Hak – Professional Golfer
If you are serious about getting the most out of your golf game, I highly recommend John Weir’s mental coaching.  He was instrumental in helping my daughter achieve her goal of playing college golf.  His techniques also helped my 12 year old son manage his emotions on the course, which has led to better play and more frequent wins. Thank you!
Theresa Brooks – Supervisor, SPB Pizza, Inc.
I place the highest value on the relationship Coach Weir & I have developed since 2013 working together. In helping the golfers on my teams develop their mental games, Coach Weir commits himself to seeing that each player achieves maximal results based on their own golf personality.  John Weir has also taught me how to better communicate with players, using individual strategies to build better games.  Year after year, we’ve seen players improve their golf games because of Coach Weir’s dedication.
Chris Hill – Concordia University Head Golf Coach
I have had the extraordinary privilege to work with John Weir for almost two years now. He has become one of the most influential people in my life and is one of my best friends. He has enhanced my mental golf performance incredibly. Not only that, but he has inspired me as an individual. He is a one-percenter, and has the ability to change any room he walks into. John’s drive is fueled by his desire to help people by sharing the tremendous wisdom he owns. He takes action and changes lives.
Austen Truslow – Professional Golfer
John Weir has developed a program that so perfectly identifies individual differences that the goal of student-centered coaching is actually possible. His belief in my players and the implementation of his stress management tools helped lead my Seminole State Lady Raiders to a 2015 National Championship! It’s been a gift and a privilege to work along side John Weir. Me and my players are so grateful! I can’t wait to see what is next for this brilliant young man.
Christa Teno – Seminole State Women’s Golf Coach
I’ve been working with John Weir for almost two years now.  When we started, I was an amateur golfer who relied solely on the mechanics of my golf swing.  John helped me understand how to help me use my mind to my benefit.  He’s helped me gain confidence not just in golf, but in life.  He’s been a great supporter and has always picked up the phone when I needed him.  The things I have learned from John go way beyond golf.  He’s taught me how to think in ways that have changed my life for the better.  I look forward to many more years of working with John and learning everything I can from him.
Casey Vancil – Professional Golfer
John Weir came at the perfect time in my golf career. I was struggling to find the confidence I needed to play at a higher level. He was able to guide me through the mental toughness of the game. I began noticing improvements in both my attitude and my performance after consistently working with John. In addition to bringing me closer to my full potential in golf, I found I made vast improvements in my everyday life throughout our work together.
Cynthia Bounleutay – College Golfer at Middle Tennessee State University
From Average to Great
I am always looking for something that gives me the extra edge, that competitive advantage among the rest of the field. When I started working with John I knew that I had some potential but could not find the way of reaching it.
After spending little over 30 minutes with him on our first session, I was fully able to understand how my brain works and how it responds to stress. John has, since the very first day, believed in my goals and more importantly has given me the ability to keep believing and keep going at it even when things get really tough. Being able to recognize and manage my tendencies under pressure has made me feel more comfortable than ever under pressure, giving me the ability to play fearless golf.
John’s commitment to my continued improvement as a player and more importantly as a human being, rapidly made him become a highly valued member of my team, which I consider family.
Bernardo Suarez – Professional Golfer 
John Weir’s mental coaching has helped me take my game to the next level. His sessions have taught me techniques that effectively utilize my personality in order to be successful on and off the course. As a result, I have seen an improvement in my approach to competitive golf, school, and everyday aspects of life. John has always gone above and beyond in our sessions, taking the extra time to answer questions and ensure that I have a complete grasp of what we go over. Since working with John I have accomplished many goals that were beyond the realm of previous expectations.
Ben Esposito – College Golfer at Gardner-Webb University