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I had taken a 12 year break from the game of golf after playing golf competitively for over a decade. ( Junior Golf starting at age 8  – AJGA, Palm Beach County JGA, Varsity high school golf team 7th – 12th grade, and 4 years of NCAA collegiate golf. I recently moved to Orlando from Palm Beach County and decided there were too many nice courses around here not be playing golf but the shafts on my old set of PING Eye 2’s were all breaking.

I went to a local “big box sports store” and was fitted for a new set of Ping irons and metals. I was a little suspicious when the club fitter wanted to put me in regular shafts for the irons and regular stiff shafts for the metals…. but I had been away from the game for a 12 years, he really seemed to know his stuff. I played the clubs for a couple weeks and noticed my ball would plug in the fairway on pretty much every drive. The irons shots seemed higher than usual and I already hit them pretty high.

I called PING headquarters and explained the above to the helpful staff member. He said that it would be best for me to try clubs outdoors to see the actual ball flight. He said the best PING fitter in my area was at Mike Bender Golf Academy. I scheduled an appointment with PGA Professional and master club fitter Matt Wilkes.

What a blessing!! My appointment was scheduled specifically for my driver, but upon discovering how poorly I was “fit” for that, he wanted to investigate my entire set of irons. The shafts were completely wrong, off by 35 grams and needed to be stiff shafts, not regular. I’m pretty sure I saw fire in his eyes. He immediately called his PING representative to see what could be done. I sent my entire set to Arizona and PING re-shafted all of clubs free of charge and I had them back in my eager hands in 10 days. My drives no longer plug, unless the ground is wet, and my irons are spot on. He even took the extra step to make sure my putter was correct.

I was so impressed with Matt that I tell all of golf buddies and acquaintances about my experience.  I can’t sing his praises enough. We just had Matt fit my wife with a new set of clubs and plan to schedule future lessons with him.

Bryce Henderson
Former NCAA Collegiate Golfer

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