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Tempo Training

Rhythm and tempo training synchronizes your mechanics and timing, resulting in deeper body awareness and a more concentrated use of your energy on the course. It enhances and refines how you connect physically and mentally, giving you a stable and focused foundation. From that foundation, we give you an advanced, personalized set of tools that optimize your performance. Your takeaway, transition and impact become rhythmically coherent and consistent, and you gain more confidence in every facet of your game.

Mike has a lifelong passion for rhythm, music 
and sports. A professional drummer for the last 
20 years, Mike has performed around the world with 
A-list groups in the music industry. Career highlights 
include drumming for Smashmouth, heavy metal band 
Ludichrist/Scatterbrain and UK pop-rock band FAT, 
which toured with Third Eye Blind and Sugar Ray. 
Most recently Mike played with hip-hop rock band 
2 Skinnee J’s, which opened for Outkast, Ludacris, 
Jurassic 5, Incubus and 311. 
   Also an avid and competitive athlete in golf, 
ice hockey and a myriad of other sports, Mike  
translates his percussion expertise and refined
knowledge of rhythm to athletic training and 
performance. As a coach he applies his method of 
utilizing beats and music theory to the practice and 
mastery of proper swing tempo. 
    Mike worked with Jordan Spieth as a junior and 
has been highlighted on the Golf Channel. He works 
with golfers of all ages and ranges of abilities, from 
tour players to dedicated amateurs, connecting 
athletes to their authentic rhythm and most 
focused performance.

Custom Pre-Shot Analysis

>>> Gain mastery of the rhythm, tempo and timing in your swing.

>>> Custom rhythm tracks tailored to your authentic pre-shot routine.

>>> Work with beat tracks to align external mechanics to internal motion.

>>> Research shows, auditory training is a key component to advanced learning.

Rhythmic Step Sequencing

>>> Learn and discover the importance of a proper step sequence.

>>> Understand how footwork technique is related to your overall swing pattern.

On-Course Techniques

>>> Develop skills to take your practice from the range to the course.

>>> Drills and best practices to refocus when your game gets out of sync.

>>> Create your optimum-round rhythm and pace.

Click on the videos below for more information about The Importance of Rhythm in Golf and Tempo In Motion’s Pre-Shot Routing Training.