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Birdie/Eagle Program

How old should my child be to start playing golf?

It is never too soon to start taking your kids to the putting green and driving range. However, you can start instruction to soon. Young children are better

Should my child just focus on playing golf?

Not until they are around 15 years old. It is best for kids to develop athletically from the ages of 8-14. This is achieved through playing other sports such as baseball, tennis, basketball, soccer, etc. Golf should be a big part of their development but definitely not the only sport they play.

Will other sports affect their golf game negatively?

Not at all, just the opposite. The kinematic sequence, this is how the body transfers energy from the ground, for most sports is the same for golf. While the technique is different the movement patterns are so similar that the benefits outweigh anything negative. Plus, as kids bodies change through their adolescence, so does their muscle memory. Detailed perfection of mechanics is best done after their bodies stop changing.

What other sports should my child play?

Tennis, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, any sport with a stick and a ball is great. But all sports like volleyball, basketball, swimming, etc help children achieve physical competency. Also, involving your child in personal training with a reputable athletic trainer is a great way to develop them as athletes and avoid injury.

What clubs do you recommend for my kids?

US Kids are great clubs for kids to learn to play golf. They are developed for kids based on their height.

How old should my child be to start playing tournaments?

Kids can start playing tournaments when they become competent in both their ability and their knowledge on how to get around the golf course. This varies depending on their access to playing and instruction. Most kids can begin to play tournaments within a few months of actively playing golf with formal instruction.

How often should my child play in tournaments?

This depends on how often they play golf and their age. Tournament golf should never be the only golf they play. Their primary experience with the game should be playing with friends and family. Their instructor can provide an accurate assessment of when they should begin competing.

Should I help my child with their golf swing?

When they are first learning to play parents are encouraged to allow their kids to figure it out for themselves offering encouragement and keeping it fun. After they begin to show competency parents can pass on little things like balance, keep the head still, etc. Once they begin with an Instructor, detailed golf instruction should be left to the coach. Too many voices can lead to distraction and mix messaging.

Junior Champs/Young Guns

What is the difference between Junior Champions & Young Guns?

Junior Champions is for older kids (13-18 years old) that are playing competitive golf. Young Guns is for younger kids (10-12 years old) that are playing competitively in USKids Tournaments and other local events.

Do I have to sign up for all 7 months?

No. You can pay monthly.

What if I want to get more lessons for my child than the weekly 30 minute lesson that is included in Junior Champions/Young Guns?

You get a 20% discount off of additional Junior Champion lessons and a 10% discount off of additional Young Guns lessons.

Why is this program better than having a weekly lesson with an instructor?

There are so many things to learn in golf and the usual 30 minutes to 1 hour lesson is normally devoted strictly to technique. Through the duration of the Junior Champions and Young Guns programs we educate you on the drills you should be practicing away from what you are working on in your golf swing. We also educate you on the rules of golf, on-course play and management, mental game and how and when to play certain shots.

My son or daughter is an excellent player. Will this program be a good fit?

We have the number 1 and number 8 ranked junior golfers in the country in the program and their skill level has increased each year.

What are the play with the pro classes?

Each month the pros go out and play with the kids. It is our chance to observe how they are acting on the course, how their management of the game is, is their swing technique holding up...etc. It allows us to see how they are playing golf because when we are with them on the driving range there are so many instances that we cannot witness that may come up on-course during future play. During this time, we also give them different games to play so that when they do practice and play on their own they will have a variety of things to choose from.

What are the weekly practice sessions?

The weekly practice sessions are 90 minutes long with a choice of Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons. Each week we have a dedicated theme of what we will be working on and it is in a group setting with all of the kids. We have a calendar laid out for the entire season so you can choose in advance which ones you would like to attend.

My child is not as good as some of the players that are in your program. Will this still be a good fit?

Absolutely. The older kids or the better kids are terrific with helping out and assisting. It is a good environment for someone who is not as good to be hanging around better players. It helps motivate them and develop more quickly.

I live far away. I am concerned about getting there for the practice sessions and lessons.

What people tend to do is combine the practice sessions on the same day as they schedule their lesson so you only have to make one trip to our facility during the week.

Girls Golf

What is Girl's Golf?

Girls Golf is a non-competitive environment for girls to enjoy leaning the game of golf. It is more of a social atmosphere where we do fun things each week but at the same time the girls are learning fundamentals that will help them improve their golf game as well.

My Daughter is a good player. Is this a good fit for her?

It is a good fit if your daughter likes to be around other girls and have fun around other girls while playing golf. It encourages them to build relationships and continue playing golf.

What do you do during the classes?

We cover the entire game; Putting, short game, full swing, on-course play and one fun craft each event.

Do I have to be a member of the LPGA Girls Golf Foundation to participate?

Yes. You have to be a member to participate in any Girls Golf Event.

How do I register to become a member?

To sign up for Girls Golf, go to On the homepage of to "Join Girls Golf" and zoom in on the map and find the red dot that says Mike Bender Golf Academy. You will have to pay an initial one-time registration fee of $16 and with this you will get a goody bag from the LPGA. Once you are registered, you can sign up for any Girls Golf Event.

How much is a Girls Golf Event?

All Girls Golf Events are $25.00 and can be paid directly to Cheryl Anderson or Christa Teno upon arrival.